Wednesday, 9 November 2011

NaBloPomo day 9 - Sayaka Maruyama in (In)visible at Edel Assanti

Sayaka Maruyama's images are part of a group show entitled (In)visible, at Edel Assanti. They are haunting and vaguely uncomfortable, which now I think about it fed directly into the 100-word piece I wrote to go with this particular image, which is one of a series. The writing came out more like a poem than prose this time, something I put down entirely to the otherwordly nature of the picture. You can see (In)visible until 12th November.

Sayaka Maruyama's Birth 5, courtesy of Sayaka Maruyama

At first, dark water. My Ophelia! Not drowned yet. I’ve seen that gaze before, I can give succour; frailty need not dry out desire. Let me stroke the warmth back into those chilly limbs.
The world turns, she floats up, I down. She is a ghostly star in the night. I stargaze, I do, I know the ways that heaven turns. Let me up with you to burn into the night. Let your eyes close in another kind of light. Darkness only feeds desire.
The world turns, she burns to black. The wall is white. No water; no more night.

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  1. Uncomfortable yes - saw this and felt immediately queasy. Brrr...