Tuesday, 8 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 8 - James Lynch's The Inhabited Landscape at Jonathan Cooper

James Lynch's landscapes remind me of my first sight of an English springtime from an aeroplane after six months away. They are inviting and serene, and spark romantic associations with the English pastoral as well folklore. His exhibition The Inhabited Landscape is at Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery until 12th November. Here is his painting Swallows over Camelot, and my accompanying 100 words.

James Lynch's Swallows over Camelot, courtesy of James Lynch

Two swallows made a summer out of one song, sung high on a hill, in the space the clouds left for the sun. I couldn’t sing along, I didn’t know the part of you that released the notes to the wind. Now I sense I dreamt it, the wavering voice and the strong wing dance, the sudden heat in my cheeks.
To all that’s fleeting, you once made a toast, a sheepish eye on me. Like clouds, like summers and forgotten songs. Two swallows make a memory, and I climb the hill and release my wavering voice to the wind.


  1. The picture has Thirties feel about it. Reminds me of Stanley Spencer's landscapes that I adore, though tehy are much less well known than is other works.

  2. wow, zoe. i think this format is really working well. it seems to be a good way to organise and react to art. also think it is a good balance of critique with presentation. i'd enjoy reading an essay on what you think are fundamental qualities of effective art. are any of the pieces more inspiring than others?