Monday, 7 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 7 - Jonathan Wateridge's Mittelland at All Visual Arts

Another day, another drabble (look here if you are wondering what that means). I was completely seduced by Jonathan Wateridge's images, and will be haunting this exhibition Mittelland in my lunchbreaks. It's at All Visual Arts, near King's Cross, until 12th November.

Jonathan Wateridge's Swimming Hole, courtesy of All Visual Arts

Everyone knew what that girl had been wearing, what the police were still looking for. She’d been the town poster girl for weeks. Sammy was reaching down when Rachel shouted, “Don’t!” I saw her steadying herself with one hand on the concrete. Her face was white, she was freaking out. Not that I wasn’t. “Get out!” she yelled. Nobody moved.
Sammy’s hand went into the cool, black water and pulled up the dripping scarf. Rachel moaned.
They dredged the swimming hole all night. Rachel still hasn't told the police why it was her scarf down there, tied in a knot.

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  1. I checked the links - looks interesting. It's always a problem living out in the sticks as there is never anywhere like that to 'pop into'. That said, I've got for a posh view of the LD Vinci show on Thursday