Sunday, 6 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 6 - Anna Fox's Resort at James Hyman Photography

Anna Fox has taken a series of photographs at Butlins holiday camp, many of which pop bubblegum colours at you, making the settings seem almot unreal despite the real people in them. In this one, I kept looking at the little girl and wondering what she thought of it all, whether her experience there affected her, so that is what shaped today's 100 word flash fiction. Anna Fox's collection Resort is showing at James Hyman Photography until 12th November.

Anna Fox's Ocean Hotel Restaurant, courtesy of Anna Fox

Even as a girl I hated pink. Mother loved it. What I wanted was white fur, paws and whiskers. Face-painting was big back then, and every time, they tell me, I’d ask for the cat’s face. That whole holiday I dipped my paws in my food and licked, like the cat in the advert.
Later I joined the furries, but a synthetic suit wasn’t enough.
It wasn’t that hard to buy real snow leopard whiskers. The surgeon was harder, but you can find anything in Mexico.
I’ll do a photo shoot to pay for it, when my nose has healed.


  1. Your narrator won't be a Grayson Perry fan then (just seen a documentary about his new exhibition at the British Museum).

    Good luck with the one-a-day!

  2. Saw a fantastic book that was photographs from Butlins (Filey mainly) - loved the sense of nostalgia it had, which just shows you don't always need sepia.