Saturday, 5 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 5 - John Finneran's The Peaceable Kingdom at Arcade Fine Arts

Welcome to my series of 100 word stories to go with pieces of art being shown this month in London. Today's is for a painting by John Finneran, which you can see in his exhibition The Peaceable Kingdom at Arcade Fine Arts. This image engages me because it turns more on its head than just a woman.

John Finneran's Three Figures, courtesy of John Finneran

We had grace times three until the dream that turned our sister’s mind.
Waking, she made a spell, dragged our veils widdershins around the bedpost, placed the dressing mirror topsy turvy. Her explanation came out backwards.
We thanked our stars when the artist said, no veils today. Just your pure grace, all three. He took her cackle for hiccups.
The artist tightened his grip on the brush, gritted his teeth, cursed until two of us blushed. What witching is this, he cried, and hurled the canvas at our feet. Two graces standing, you see, but one on her head, insolent.

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  1. terry Frost did a series on the three graces - often with two one way and one the other.