Friday, 4 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 4 - Tal R's Science Fiction at Victoria Miro

I have been very excited to discover Tal R's work; both aesthetically and imaginatively his paintings keep me engaged for a long time. His exhibition Science Fiction is on at the Victoria Miro Gallery until 12th November. All the images I have seen tell me stories, but I had to pick one, Man on Sleep:

Tal R's Man on Sleep, courtesy of Tal R
 How long until it takes me to the sea that day and we picked them, all the flowers she’ll be so angry and I was too but I couldn’t say it, I love you, it was too late, the cafe was closing and my pocketwatch inside, tick tick tick I can’t stand the silence, why are we waiting so long, so long the beach and no shade for Mama, not a single tree, I can’t climb any of them and they laugh, my face is burning, hot and wet and she presses my fingers in deeper and I drift away.

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  1. Best image yet I think, and great title too