Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 3 - Charles Avery's Place de la Revolution at Pilar Corrias

The third in this series of 100-word flash fiction pieces inspired by art was written in response to one of the images in Charles Avery's exhibition Place de la Revolution, which is showing at the Pilar Corrias Gallery until 12th November.

It was Charles Avery's taxidemy-art piece The Bejewelled Hare that got me started with these  stories, and he does work a bit like a writer, creating an entire world and showing us parts of it through individual pieces.

Study No 4 for Place de la Revolution, courtest of Charles Avery

It became a habit, a little game. Every morning I took my coffee to the balcony, and lit my cigarette with exactly enough time to catch her passing before it was finished. Every time I exhaled with pleasure at her frowning concentration, the swell of calf as she pushed herself up on the pedals. Until that morning, sweet with the night’s forgotten rain, the road shining, when my eye travelled down her bare leg and I saw that she wore no shoes. She braked, looked up at my alarm. “I’m heading for the forest!” she cried, and pedalled away, waving.

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  1. ... the swell of her calf as she pushed herself up on the pedals...

    Liked that image; most often people think of pushing down.