Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 29 - Jonathan Leaman at Beaux Arts Cork Street

It was hard to pick out one of Jonathan Leaman's paintings; they are all magical. This one suggested a mysterious ritual to me, and I'd love to know where the image came from - folklore or pure imagination. You can see the paintings at Beaux Arts Cork Street until 17th December.

It's All the Same Electricity courtesy of Jonathan Leaman
When it came my year to hang the bells, now I’d turned sixteen, I asked Flora Fletcher along. It was my opportunity. But when I knocked at her door, bag clanging, breath held, she wasn’t there. Gone down the dunes with Bobby, her mum said.
It didn’t ruin it completely. I hung the bells to charm the bees and said the honey prayer. The wind set them chiming and just then a flutter of white whipped up from the beach followed by a giggle on the breeze. It lodged there on the bell bush like a flag: Flora Fletcher’s shirt.

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