Monday, 28 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 28 - Suzaane Moxhay in Print and Design Now! at Bearspace

The Print and Design Now! collective exhibition at Bearspace looks like a rich feast - so many wonderful images, but Suzanne Moxhay's appealed to the lover of myth in me. It is impossible to look at this image without conjuring up some epic tale to explain this being rising from the forest. It reminded me of the Mayan structures that poke above the canopy in parts of Mexico and Guatemala, suggesting gods as much as the bloodthirsty people who created them. The show runs until 16th December.

Feralis courtesy of Suzanne Moxhay

They knew their gods, and where they lived, in red-stained temple rooms. They knew how happy they must be, flooded with gifts of blood and grain and flowers. The cry rang out: had they erred, somehow? Surrounded, crowded, forever shaped by trees, had they forgotten a tree god amongst the monstrous throng? The cry rang out again: give all you have in trunk and branch shape, sap and spreading leaf shape. Limbs dropped and slumped in the leaf mould. Blood spattered bark. The shrieks told them the pain of cut trees, and they cut until the forest, sated, fell silent.

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