Sunday, 27 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 27 - Michael Wolf's Tokyo Compression at Flowers Kingsland Road

Michael Wolf's photographs of Tokyo are both shocking and beautiful. The images of seemingly edgeless apartment blocks are probably best described as sublime, being beyond comprehension in many ways, impossible to really take in all at once. Somehow he turns photographs of commuters suffering journeys that make the London Underground rush hour seem like a walk in park by comparison into something serene, often bringing to mind religious imagery. His show Tokyo compression is at Flowers Kingsland Road until 7th January 2012.

Tokyo Compression #75 courtesy of Michael Wolf

I have breath, I have patience. I have learned mediation. I have this fantasy, of turning into a snake and sliding between the monsters whose elbows dig into my spine, whose buttocks sweat against mine. I administer silent bites to ankles; one by one they slump, jaws hang, muscles slacken, and I burst from my snake skin, clean and pure. Every day I kill them off like this, then open my eyes as the doors slide for my stop and nod, thank you, thank you, as I slither out­­. Every night I wash it away and become human again.

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