Saturday, 26 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 26 - Doreen McPherson in Studio Voltaire's Members Show

I've never seen portraits like Doreen McPherson's before and I found them intriguing. This one gripped me, as did the title, which I used to kick off my 100 word story to go with it. The show continues at Studio Voltaire until 3rd December.

The Man is all Staring at Me courtesy of Doreen McPherson

The man is all staring at me and I think, who looks deeply into my eyes, ever, really? My mother did, searching for lies and the things I liked to hide. A lover, seeking the promises he would not return. The time I told my best friend what I really thought of her tattoo.
What is this one looking for? He’s not giving anything, not taking anything away. His eyes are so open I can look right in and I see a surprising thing, I suppose: peace.
If he sees pain he's not saying anything. Eyes can be deceptive too.

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