Wednesday, 23 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 23 - Anthony Abrahams at Pangolin

Writing creatively to complement a sculpture is different from writing to a painting or photograph. Even when the sculpture depicts something recognisable, something about it being in that form changes what the content is doing for the audience - a painting of a rat on a woman's knee would not be remotely similar to this wonderful sculpture by Anthony Abrahams.

Having had a run-in with a mouse that led to a poem myself, that's what came to mind when I wrote this 100 word piece to go with the sculpture for my November series. Anthony Abrahams' work is showing at Pangolin London until 10th December.

Rat by Anthony Abrahams, courtesy of Pangolin

She didn’t look at all surprised. That in itself was enough to make me fall in love. That and the warmth of her thigh.

“I wrote a poem once,” she said, “About a rat,” and she smiled! Smiled! The way they have of baring teeth without saying they want to eat you. It’s adorable.

“Perhaps it was you I wrote about,” she said. I tried to look like a rat in a poem: solemn, nostalgic.
So now we go about together; she bought a jacket with oversized pockets just for me and at readings I poke my nose out poetically.

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