Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 22 - Liza Dracup's Chasing the Gloaming at Guildhall Art Gallery

Liza Dracup has created this series Chasing the Gloaming in response to works by Atkinson Grimshaw, showing concurrently at the Guildhall Art Gallery. I love Grimshaw and was doubly delighted that a show of his paintings led me to Liza Dracup. Her images are magical, mysterious, whispering about myth, secrets and nature in ways that get me all over-excited about that most enticing part of our world.
You can see this and her other works at Guildhall Art Gallery until 15th January 2012.

Mistle Thrush courtesy of Liza Dracup

My song was my soul. What have I now, for pride, for joy? My nest is a bed of light, woven for me, the brightest nest I’ve ever known but it is a gift, of sorts. I did not dash and dart to build it. Its brightness will not be broken by eggshell, the tiny heave of hungry bodies. I did not flit and flash through the air to make it, pausing to pour the highest delight from my throat and celebrate my creation. My song is gone, my throat closed in this stillness, this silver gift, my last nest.

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  1. There's now only two bloggers I know of still going on nablo.. al the others have given up.

    Stamina, that's what it takes.