Monday, 21 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 21 - Massimo Vitali at Brancolini Grimaldi

The sea is the character I like best in Massimo Vitali's photographs of Mediterranean coastline. It dwarfs the people and somehow reminded me of humans being flung about by greater forces in myth, which led to today's 100 word story. Massimo Vitali's photographs are at Brancolini Grimaldi until 28th January 2012.

Courtesy of Massimo Vitali

I went for sunshine, olives and cheap wine, not mythology. Still, Peter spoiled the flight with his copy of the Odyssey, Circe turning men to swine (little effort needed), sea monsters and siren temptresses (for which read cocktail waitresses). But the island tour was included, so later we clambered off the speedboat to picnic on the scorching rock.

Peter was reading pompously from Robert Graves when the first shriek came. We watched the whirlpool suck several swimmers down while Peter screamed, “Charybdis! Chaybdis!”
“Alright then,” I snapped. “What would Odysseus do?”
“It’s this or Scylla!” he cried. In he jumped.

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  1. Those darn whirlpools - can't win either way. So like life.