Sunday, 20 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 20 - Miriam Cahn at the David Roberts Art Foundation

Miriam Cahn's images reminded me of ghosts, or essences of people, somehow showing how they are without depicting them physically, so that's what came out when I wrote this 100 word story. Her exhibition is at the David Roberts Art Foundation until 17th December.

Miriam Cahn's Familie, courtesy of David Roberts Art Foundation

I can do auras no problem, always been that way. His was cold, with red rage patches indicating violence. None of my business. Hers was unusual: all ripe yellow fertility but with a halo. No other way to describe it.
Nice couple, shame about the kids, you might say, because that’s where I got the jitters. Auras like ghosts, like they were outsides but no insides. True, children aren’t fully formed, but they are balls of pure colour, in aura-vision. I began to wonder if the parents had only imagined them. Two little bodies, in place of two little people.

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  1. I like that image very much - the small figures left and right seem well judged too.