Wednesday, 2 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 2 - Artists Anonymous' The Happy Show at Riflemaker

Day 2's 100-word story is inspired by an image that is part of the Artists Anonymous show at the Riflemaker Gallery until 5th November. Each painting is shown in a diptych with a photographic after image; the image here is of the painting itself.

Artists Anonymous, 'Natty' courtesy of Artists Anonymous
It was Carl picked her up. Smeared like the others but they’d left her behind, screaming and yahooing over the bridge and leaving wet paint footprints like every year. He propped her against a bollard, tried talking, a little slap, but nothing.
At the Blue Lagoon we stuck her in the corner. A couple of them sniggered over their beers. She slid sideways and drooled on Carl’s shoulder. Some clown, someone yelled. Funny, but not funny ha ha.
When I took off the nose, gently, her own was bleeding. 
Later, they said she'd never been quite right. She didn't disagree.

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  1. Te Blue Lagoon - good name for a pub. There's a place near Abereiddy with same name, it's a flooded quarry that thrill-seekers jump into from the cliffs: very beautiful and cold.