Saturday, 19 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 19 - Kelsey Brookes' Desires of the Soul at The Outsiders Gallery

It;s probably a short cut to call Kelsey Brookes' work psychedelic, but a certain kind of image inevitably stimulates certain kinds of memories and imaginings, which informed my 100-word story for today. Kelsey's appropriately titled exhibition, Desires of the Soul, is at The Outsiders London gallery until 26th November.

Courtesy of Kelsey Brookes

Owl, me, owl, me, that’s how it went, the pump of my breath and beat of wings all the same thing after what started out as sky turned into, well, you know what, and after I’d laughed at all that mystical crap, but my insides melted and melded with the sky, which was my breath, which was wings, it was the beat that drew me in, until owl, me, well, we were all animal by then and I probably flew but I forget that part except that you told me you had to pull me in from the window ledge.


  1. Now did you know that owls have ears that are offset, and strange flaps that nobody understands the purpose of - and a head that is largely feather...

  2. I wish I had known that before I wrote this! as for the magnetic vision in one eye... I'll use it in a story somewhere.