Friday, 18 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 18 - Nina Murdoch's Shedding Light at Marlborough Fine Art

Today's 100 word flash fiction is for a painting by Nina Murdoch, part of a series aptly named Shedding Light. There is something very modern but also something ancient in these paintings, I suppose the former in the right angles and implied built spaces, and the latter in the gorgeous natural colours. This one in particular reminded me of another artist who was good at smudging reality a little.
Nina Murdoch's show is at Marlborough Fine Art until 26th November.

Nina Murdoch's Prawle Point, courtesy of Nina Murdoch

Tell us, they plead. Whatever you want, we’ll bring it. Whatever will comfort you. Lilies, perhaps? Water?
Lilies, water. It is the garden I want. Its scent drifts in through the open door, high melodies of flowers, low chords of water. I want to paint it again, for only now can I see it clearly, now my mind is fresh, clean as dawn mist. It drifts in through the open door and I see it, my garden, painting itself into the house. Water lilies, the pond shadows of trees, I am on the bridge, my brush is in my hand.

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