Thursday, 17 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 17 - Kalliopi Lemos' Navigating in the Dark at the Crypt Gallery

I could have written ten stories or more after wandering through Kalliopi Lemos' installations in the tunnels of the St Pancras Church crypt. Giant paper bees buzzed around my head and sound played as important a part as the objects looming in the gloom. The snakes in this boat really seemed to writhe. I couldn't stay down there for long, but I thoroughly recommend a look if you can get there before 27th November.

Part of Kalliopi Lemos' Navigating in the Dark, thanks to Daniel2005

The wildest cargoes, she said. Cargoes no boat could hold but somehow these, bare as boat skeletons, did the impossible. Cargoes that slither and fly, that fight and die.  And they beached, she said; there was no wreck despite the risk of it all, the insanity of a naked hull filled with writhing muscle, ropes of flesh that might crush a vessel of wooden ribs. The crows circled, perched proud; the sailors argued. They were waiting for something. The grasses wisped and hid the hum of ghosts that also waited. What she did not say was whether it ended well.

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