Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 15 - Nicola Bealing at Cadogan Contemporary

I went to luxuriate in Nicola Bealing's glowing, humourous paintings on Saturday. The combination of surreality and colour, and the impression of an imagination I would like to explore, won me over, and made it fun to write this 100 word story  Her work is on show at Cadogan Contemporary until 26th November.

People Plagued by Angels, courtesy of Nicola Bealing

We thought it was rain coming. That sudden gust, a vibration in the air. Then someone shouted, “Seagulls!” and we turned, unhurried, from our newspapers and coffee cups.

You would think angels would be welcome messengers – peace, goodwill, a modern miracle. We were startled at the shouts, not from the ground, but above.

They harangued us, there is no other word. The messages were harsh. Lose weight, clear the debt, start recycling. Wings flapped and fists shook. We ran for cover in the hail of pep talk.

Things have improved. I sweep the driveway these days, checking for silvery feathers.


  1. "We ran for cover in a hail of pep talk." Love it. You have such a gift.

  2. Wow-I LOVE this idea!I also love the haranguing seagulls. That is really what they seem to be too :)

    Found your blog from NaBloPoMo.