Monday, 14 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 14 - Simon Roberts' We English at Flowers Kingsland Road

Simon Roberts' photographs evoke so many memories of holidays in green places under white skies. I particularly liked this one because I have always found it funny to see people sitting in huge landscapes right next to their cars, and I coldn't resist inferring a more sinister reason for my 100 word story. Simon Roberts' show We English is at Flowers Kingsland Road until 19th November.

Fountains Fell, Yorkshire Dales, 2008 courtesy of Simon Roberts

Nora did the map work, found the only route they could take. Ron did the picnic, found the old rug for Nora’s uncooperative knees.
The thermos wasn’t just for show; there was time for tea while they reminisced about the wind on those hills, that patch of celandine that had once stained their backs yellow. All the while they kept their eyes on the road.
They’ll come, Ron said. We’ll go home with what’s ours. Nora nodded grimly. As the van hurtled towards them from the horizon, she unfolded the gingham tablecloth and lifted the shotgun to her bent shoulder.


  1. Dark thoughts indeed. Great photo though. Why do I like it so much? Need to ponder.

  2. I like the mundane nature of this pic - perhaps because it seems more 'real' than the artfully crafted majority of landscape photography. And your writing adds a sinister touch, echoes perhaps of a version of Mad Max with pensioners in Yorkshire.