Saturday, 12 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 12 - Frank Stella's Connections at Haunch of Venison

Frank Stella's art may be abstract, but this painting put me in mind of something very specific and sparked memories of warmer, slower places than London in November. His huge retrospective show is at Haunch of Venison, Burlington Gardens, until 19th November. Writing these 100-word pieces has led me to discover so much wonderful art, and I wonder how I have managed to miss Frank Stella until now. Better late than never!

Frank Stella's Grape Island, Courtesy of Frank Stella

We lie and wait, three bodies in the sand, warming, browning, sending out our scents, turning gently. From inside the hut comes the comforting clatter and scrape; our mouths water. Then the song that tells of heat and rising, coiled with the incense drift of cinnamon across the sand. This pattern is pure pleasure now, under the beating sun, as we turn ourselves, stare at the gaudy slats of the hut until they blur, in a cloud of sweet expectation. Then the brown feet, the laugh, the paper plate and finally the doughy glory of three mouths chewing cinnamon buns.

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  1. Frank Stella - very good I agree. I like Barnett Newman too, who is of a similar style at times.