Friday, 11 November 2011

NaBloPoMo day 11 - Guy Gormley's Inside Polytunnel at Son Gallery

Welcome to this series of drabbles, one for each day of November inspired by a piece of art being shown somewhere in London. Drabbles are stories exactly 100 words long. I am writing them to go with artworks becasue it is great fun, I've been doing a bit of this anyway (see 'writing for artists' tab above) and I want to do more. I am also discovering some incredible art along the way.

Today's story is inspired by Guy Gormley's blurry but familiar image, below, that forms part of his show Inside Polytunnel at Son Gallery London until 26th November.

Courtesy of Guy Gormley

There’s sand in my eye.

You want to watch your sandwiches, never mind the mucus membranes.

They’ll blow away, can’t rummy wait until we’re back? I’ve got a Grisham, but I’m only 67 pages in. Lord.

What’s he doing that for? Barbara, go in with him, he’s not steady.

Well give them to me, you’re still better without your glasses than I am.

I know they hurt but he’s halfway in now, Barbara, I don’t like the look of those waves. You’ll have to, look at him.

I don’t know what’s worse, the siren or the sand in my knickers.


  1. I wandered over here from BlogHer and I'm so glad I did! I love this so much. Just delightful.

  2. I used your blog as an example of creative use last night - not that many people turned up mind! But all agreed it was a cleaver and interesting idea - and something the library could do too.