Thursday, 10 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 10 - Rinat Voligamsi's The Conditions of Winter at Erarta

You don't have to alter reality that much to reach the surreal and magical, as Rinat Voligamsi proves with his doctored images of wartime Russia. I like the combination of the sinister and the comical that appears in many of his images, but especially this one. My 100 word story came out of imagining trying to make sense of this view, encountered in reality. Rinat Voligamsi's exhibition The Conditions of Winter is at Erarta London until 19th November.

Rinat Voligamsi's First Snow, courtesy of Rinat Voligamsi

“Which one, Babushka?” Klara whispers.
“On the left.”
“So what’s the other one?”
“His spirit, my little snowberry.”
“Why can we see him?”
“It must be the snow. The man grows so cold that his spirit turns from vapour into crystals.”
“Just like a snowflake?”
“Yes, little snowberry.”
“But they are the same, Babushka. Snowflakes are all different.”
She looks at her granddaughter. She is learning.
“But they are not the same. Listen.”
They turn their reddened ears into the snow-spotted wind. The soldier is humming, Kalinka, Kalinka, Snowberry of mine.
"I prefer the spirit," says Klara. "He is silent."


  1. Babushka - not heard that in years. Grandmother?

  2. Yes! or a Kate Bush tune rising from the depths of memory...

  3. LOL I think I would prefer the spirit, too.