Friday, 28 October 2011

30 artists, 30 days, 30 stories... a homage to art for NaBloPoMo

This blog was created on Halloween 2010. On the same day, in an act of courage and/or stupidity, I signed up to NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month - and reshaped my life for the ensuing 30 days around producing a 500 word post every 24 hours.

So, to celebrate mindandlanguage's birthday, I'm doing it again, but this time looking beyond my own nose to celebrate artists and their exhibitions. 

Each day, I will write a piece of fiction exactly 100 words long in response to an image from a current exhibition in London. I'll try to select contemporary artists, some up-and-coming, some established, and attempt to let them know what I'm up to at the same time.

This whole exercise has been inspired by doing this for John Stark and his paintings recently. Writing to artwork was such an interesting way to spark creativity that I want to do more. And I hope it might introduce a few people to new artists at the same time.

By way of a taster, here is an image by Mona Kuhn, forming part of her Bordeaux Series which is currently on show at the Flowers Gallery in Cork Street, and my story to go with it.

Mona Kuhn, part of Bordeaux series, courtesy of Mona Kuhn
Imagine the sun here, as it shone once through fluttering screens of green, as it lit the grateful lake. This was my view, standing warm amongst the tree shadows, the hand in mine radiating love, another small sun in my palm.
This is my view, now; memory has stripped out the colour, the heat, and left no glow except that cold lake light. It has stripped away the lullaby of leaves that hushed my heart and made joy gentle. Nothing stirs in the breeze; even my heart does not stir, as still now as naked trees around a silent lake.


  1. Happy anniversary - almost.

    I shall be doing the NABLO thing as well but trying to do 300 words a day on a theme of nature.

    Art and nature - good combo - bit like mind and language.

  2. Good stuff - and good luck! I've also been trying to reduce/eradicate the colour in my paintings (but not my writing...).

    I don't think I'll manage a posting every day however!