Friday, 15 July 2011

100 words for Friday Flash Fiction - a greedy potter's fantasy

(I've started learning to do pottery, and have produced my first piece - a wonky, ugly jug. I glazed the inside with a colour called 'wine,' which set this off...)

The first thing I made with the new clay was a jug. When I filled it, to test the pour, more water flowed out than in.
Next I made an eggcup. The hen’s eggs swelled to ostrich proportions. I scooped yolk out with a baguette.
When the garden pot I made turned a tomato plant into a tree, laden with red footballs, I went to find the jug, and that bottle of Monbazillac 1979 I had been saving for a special occasion.
The morning after the party, the jug, and the clay, were gone. I consoled myself with tomato omelettes.

1 comment:

  1. Those omelettes sound tasty.

    Cute flash too. Hope the lessons go well.

    My neighbours have ostriches. They are literally 5m away from my window :).