Friday, 29 July 2011

100 word flash fiction for #fridayflash - The Bejewelled Hare

Bejewelled Hare by Charles Avery - inspiration

They called off the dogs in a swirl of hooves and snarls. The hare’s neck and belly were torn. One hound slunk away, gnawing,  from the broken sack of naked leverets that spilled out onto the grass.

Bending over the body to disguise his grimace, the hunter caught a glint of something, bent closer. Around the hare’s foreleg, above the paw, was a ring heavy with diamonds.

He heard the voice call from deep memory. A bejewelled hare, she had said. He had smiled, not believing. Follow the bejewelled hare, and find your fortune there. The hunter sank to his knees.


  1. The spilled leverets were a bit gruesome for a Friday lunchtime. But I liked the toes of the hare in the photograph - long and sort of claw like.

  2. I know... was feeling a bit bloody-minded at 8am this morning and that's the first thing that came out. Not sure what that says about me, or my week...

  3. WoW! I like that "bejewelled" hare and haha! what a great story!