Friday, 17 June 2011

100 word Friday flash fiction - Open-minded

"Frankenstein's retirement project. Those were her words."
"Are you frowning?"
"That's alright then."
"I choose not to. It takes more muscles to..."
"I know. What does Richard think?"
"He says whatever makes me happy. He says he'll buy the boobs next if that's what I want."
"He says his colleague Jemima did hers and they're great. He's going to invite her to the barbecue so I can feel them for myself."
"You mean see?"
"No, feel. He says Jemima is very open-minded."
"And you?"
"He says I should be more open-minded too."
"Is there an implant for that?"


  1. 'feel them for himself' is very funny

    marc nash

  2. Ha ha. A nice diversion from Grayling and his miserable lot.

  3. "Are you frowning?" :excellent line and really funny. This is great flash fiction, very short but so very complete. Good work.

  4. feel the boobs myself? LOL excellent line.

  5. That made me chuckle :). Nice work Zoe.

  6. This was good for a laugh...still chuckling over the image. Thanks, Zoe.