Friday, 10 June 2011

100-word flash fiction (drabble?) for #fridayflash

Cricket pitch

It had never happened before. Another couple, on a square of blue rug, on the opposite side of the cricket pitch.

While Carl huffed, Winnie watched. The other girl held out a real glass goblet and the boy poured.

“They’ve got wine. Red wine,” Winnie said.

Carl popped open his can.

A baguette emerged from the boy’s bag, then small gleaming pots he arranged in front of the girl.

“Want a crisp?” Carl said.

The clink of glasses echoed across the worn grass.

“I hate prawn cocktail,” Winnie sniffed. She stood up, lifted a hand and waved. Nobody waved back.


  1. a top spinner of a little story. Did they have a wicket basket for the picnic?

    marc nash

  2. I must give flash fiction another try. Meanwhile, D's hamster has taken residence (in cage) in my study - I kind of like hearing his bar and carrot chewing as I write. I'm tapping on keys and he is spinning his wheel.