Sunday, 1 May 2011

Too much to tell

Here, in no particular order, are some of my memories of the last few weeks. I will be thinking about them, and no doubt writing them, for months to come.

Clambering up Snowdon
2am poetry
Shaking lambs’ tails
Creative clarity
Bluebells and rushing rivers
Beech leaves in light
Cold beer, hot sunshine
Swallowtails mating
Bats in blue dusk
French car boot sales
Kir in pine shade
Digging earth
A running red squirrel
Finding my voice again
Gay cockerels and mother hens
New friends
Sculpture on spiky hillsides
Barbecuing potatoes
A swim with a view
Long winding drives
Quilts full of history
Monbazillac 1980
Insolent cuckoo calls
Literary inspiration
My long-lost freckles
A bounding hare
Laughter in the dark
Spanish swifts
Astonishing words
Wisteria scent
A mind full of green
Sharing tales of vice
Welsh voices
B&B: Benedictine and brandy
Blurred stars
Warm stone
Sweet aches

The last – generosity – has characterised my experience everywhere. The people I have met have given me meals, wine, humour, shelter, words, ideas, insight, affection, beauty, and best of all a restored faith in humanity. Thank you to all of you!


  1. A poem of delights.
    Delightful in itself!

  2. This is wonderful, Zoe. I will enjoy reading whatever you care to share. Best to you.

  3. Hey Zoe, I was directed to your blog by Mark, a blogging buddy of mine, and I can see why he recommended it to me. Have only had a very quick glance, and I love this entry. Look forward to closer exploration. Cheers