Sunday, 5 December 2010

Diana in Rome

This is a view of the river taken from a bridge near Trastevere in Rome in October. I remember the colour of the sky, that odd royal blue that is bright and deep at the same time, and it has sort of shown up here. I sat Diana on the edge of the bridge and opened the shutter for about 15 seconds, meaning the lights that didn't seem so bright to the eye at the time now look like flares.

I like the way the pattern in that image echoes the one in this photo which is more recognisably of Rome:

When I first glimpsed the Coliseum from up the hill, the hairs on my neck prickled, and I was surprised to find my eyes watering. I hadn't expected such a familiar landmark to have an emotional effect on me, but it did, more than anything else I saw in Rome. I spent the five days gravitating back to this building and just staring, wondering why I was mesmerised. I still haven't figured it out. If I believed in past lives I'd say I must have been there before.

I had imagined Rome to be mash of honking traffic jams, pollution, and urban development crammed in amongst the ruins. It turned out to be a lovely city to walk around, with spaces and quiet to be found even in the busiest parts. Curtains of creepers hung everywhere, drawing me down side alleys and into dead ends with their flashes of green and red. I felt quite at home there, and would happily have settled into a few months of writing and wandering, fuelled by perfect espresso, finding new views of the Coliseum from Rome's hills.


  1. I would like to go to Rome. The strange thing about these photographs is that they look old - and it's not just the developing and soft focus at the edges. They remind me of images from the Sixties, but then it is a Diana camera I suppose.

  2. I cannot connect with these 'diana ' photographs..I love the images,but the love of the technique leaves me cold...which is a pity as the objects intrigue me.

  3. I like that these photos look old, the images somewhat surreal. If you ever figure out your magnetic draw to the colisium, let us know. I'm intrigued...