Sunday, 28 November 2010

Come on snow - Diana loves you

I'm still waiting. It feels as though everybody except London has been plunged under the snow queen's spell, and I'm jealous. Fondly I recall that fortnight last year spent in wellington boots, when it seemed as though the pavements really had turned into iced rivers and would flow away when the thaw finally came.

I took these pictures around Henley-on -Thames, where my brother and I dusted down the sledge in the loft and slid triumphantly to the best tobogganing hill. My grandfather made the sledge out of gas piping decades before either of us were born, and it appears to be indestructible as well as unbelievably fast (I'm sitting on it my profile picture, terrified).

I used a colour film to take these photos, though you can hardly tell. I wonder what the result would have been in true black and white, which enhances the contrast. This year, I'm going to try out colour flash filters - little slips of coloured plastic that slide in front of the Diana flash bulb and tint the illuminated world. Snow seems like the best subject for these. When it does arrive, and it better do, I will capture it through Diana's rose-tinted spectacles.


  1. Snow is nice to paint too - it reduces the range of colours and harmonises the picture.

    The print over my parent's fire was Brueghel's Hunters in the Snow

    It is white on the ground here today, a thin blue sky fading to pink. I liked the frost caps on the fungi in the woods.

  2. Lovely photos, Zoe. Where I live now, we get cold and a bit of frost, but no snow. It has been going from bright to gray in the afternoons, and sunset is almost instant dark, no interesting hues or streaks in the sky before the sun disappears. Your photos offer a lot of contrasts.